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Language: .NET
Expertise: Intermediate
Sep 19, 2003



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Accessing a Web Service Through a Proxy Server

If you need to reach a Web Service and you are behind a proxy server, you have to set some Proxy values. When you add a Web Reference in your project to query a Web Service, Visual Studio .NET creates a class that inherits from System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHttpClientProtocol. This class has a property called Proxy that enables you to set proxy information for making an XML Web service request through a firewall. Then, you have to specify a user to log on the proxy server using the System.Net.NetworkCredential class.

string ProxyHost = "" //The name of the proxy host
int ProxyPort = "80"; //The port number on Host to use
string ProxyUser = ""; //The user name associated with the credentials
string ProxyPassword = ""; //The password for the user name associated
with the credentials
string ProxyDomain = ""; //The domain associated with these credentials

//Create a new WebProxy object
System.Net.WebProxy oWebProxy = new System.Net.WebProxy(ProxyHost,

//Create a new NetWorkCredential to authenticate the user in the Proxy
oWebProxy.Credentials = new NetworkCredential( ProxyUser, ProxyPassword,

//Set the Proxy property of your Web Service Client object.
objWebService.Proxy = oWebProxy;
Carlos Walzer
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