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Language: C
Expertise: Beginner
Mar 17, 2004



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A Convention for Naming Variables

Naming variables has a major effect on how hard it will be for a person to follow the code, whether it is the same person who wrote it or someone else. To avoid confusing others, many programmers use the Hungarian Naming Convention when naming variables. This way, variables of same type have the same prefixes.

Prefix		Type
f		boolean
ch		char
sz		zero-terminated string
fn		function
w		word
b		byte
l		long
u		unsigned word
bit		a single bit
v 		void
p		pointer
i		index to an array
h		handle
mp		an array
And so on...

Here are some examples:

char szName[40], *pchSex;
int uAge;
int fIsMarried;
int mpChildAges[4];
Raducanu Bogdan
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