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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Oct 1, 1996



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Using Recordset Object

I added records to a list box using the datacontrol. Now I would like to use the list1_dblclick procedure to access the record dblclicked and use it. I know there is the index property, but I want my program to make the record current so I can perform operations on it.

What you need to learn to use is the Recordset object. Here's how you would write your code to access the record the user selected. For this example, I'll assume the data control is named dcList, and the field name you loaded into your list is called "Customer".

Sub list1_DblClick()
   dcList.Recordset.FindFirst "Customer = '" & list1.List(list1.ListIndex) & "'"
   ' See the VB documentation on the FindFirst command for more information.  
   ' Basically you are searching the RecordSet for the first Customer who
   ' matches what was put in the drop list and what was doubleclicked.

   if dcList.Recordset.NoMatch then
      MsgBox "Customer was not found in recordset."
      ' If the NoMatch property is true, the record was not in the RecordSet. 
      ' Since you added records into the list box from the data control, this
      ' should never happen.
      exit sub
   end if

   ' At this point, the Recordset's current record is set to the item the user 
   ' double-clicked in the list box.  You can access it by viewing 
   ' dcList.Recordset("Customer"), or replace Customer with whatever field you 
   ' want to look at. 

End Sub 
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