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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Oct 1, 1996



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Showing as 3D

I need a 3D bound text box control so I can avoid having to place standard text boxes in 3D panels for a chiseled effect. I have been unable to find one in the VB 3.0 Professional Edition. Are you aware of any freeware, shareware and/or commercial VBXs that contain such a control?

Here's a solution to do this that does not require any additional controls:

  1. Create a 3D Panel, and set the background color to white in the panel. Make sure the BevelInner is set to "Inset". That should give you something that looks like a 3D text box, but you cannot type in it yet.
  2. Create a text box. Change the border style to none. Cut the text box and paste it into the panel. (You might want to put some text in it so you can see it. All you need to do then is size the text box and the panel so that the text box does not overrun the bevels of the panel.
This makes it look just right, and it uses the controls you already have.
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