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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Oct 1, 1996



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Modifying Startup Project

Is there a way to make VB skip that annoying new project it displays on startup. I work on existing projects 80%+ of the time. It would be even better if I could easily have it come up on the last one I was in. I know it seems like a nit. But it would actually save me a lot of time.

You can modify the AUTOLOAD.MAK project to limit what is loaded initially. You can save a project with just a few necessary VBXs, or none at all. You can also start VB with a project name as an argument, such as VB.EXE PROG.MAK (or VB32.EXE PROG.VBP in VB4). VB will not automatically open the last project loaded, even though it has it in the most recently used list.

Under Visual Basic 4.0, you can do the same thing as in 3.0, but the filenames are AutoLD16.VBP and AutoLD32.VBP for 16 and 32 bit development, respectively. Make whatever changes you want to the default project, and then save it to one of these filenames, which are located in the main Visual Basic directory.

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