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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Oct 1, 1996



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Method Comparison

What is the best method to use for updating an Access 2 database from Visual Basic? I am a bit confused about the methods presented such as 1) VB Data Access Object. 2) "Table" variables. 3) QueryDef variables.

I do not fully understand the purpose of these so any information as to which method to pursue would be greatly appreciated.

Try creating a dynaset of the table, do an Edit or AddNew on it, set the fields, and then do an update.

Second favorite would be to do the exact SQL, but since Access SQL is different than ANSI SQL, try to shy away from that when dealing with Access DBs.

Using a table can have some side effects also, but the dynaset method above works quite well when the database is local to the program (i.e. not across a network). Opening a dynaset does take a bit longer, but it also handles a lot of the nastiness for you.

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