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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Oct 1, 1996



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White vs. Grey Background in Panel Control

I'm using the 3D Panel in my application. When I set its background coulor to light grey, it looks fine on my workstation but it's white in any other workstations. That's true for the EXE and also when I'm running in VB. Why does the colour change when I change workstations?

This is a known issue with using early versions of THREED.VBX. There were multiple versions around, and none of them had a version stamp. If you compile using one version and your users have another on their machines you could get such an anomaly. This problem is corrected in Visual Basic 4.0 and above. Also with VB 4.0 you have access to a large selection of built in constants. Some of them have to do with screen appearance. For example, if you set somethings color to vbButtonFace, it will be the default color of the user's command buttons, no matter what color scheme they have their desktop set to. Search VB Help for "Color Constants".

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