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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Oct 1, 1996



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Programming a Network-Enabled Application

I have a application developed by VB 3.0(prof) and Access 1.1 within VB. I use a lot of dynaset objects in the program. Now I want to transfer it to a Novell network environment (Netware 4.11/Windows 3.1), what should I do? Is is possible that just copy the EXE files to server? I can not find any documents in Microsoft books. Basically, I need some suggestions about how to program in netwrok environment, and how it compares to programming in a local environment.

There's not anything you have to physically change in the program to make it work on a network. You can just put it on a network drive and it will run fine. However, depending on the type of program, you may need to modifying the way your program does certain things. The big example of this deals with database access. Programming an app for multiple users on a database is much more complicated than for a single user...you have to deal with issues like concurrency, record locking, etc. Like I said, that is more application design than just building the app.

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