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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Oct 1, 1996



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Distributing VB400xx.DLL with Applications

I just wrote my first VB4 program, the "Hello World" program out of the SAMS book, "Learn VB4 in 21 Days". My question is this: I compiled my program into an .EXE and brought it to work to show my co-workers. When I ran the .EXE it gave an error "Missing VB40032.DLL" I loaded up Archie and looked all over the web for that .DLL with no luck. Am I going to be able to write and distribute my programs w/ VB4 and distribute the VB40032.DLL with my programs?

Yes, VB40032.DLL/VB40016.DLL is required in order to make programs written under version 4. You can freely distribute it without any royalties. Both of these DLL's come with VB4.0 Pro and Enterprise edition only. I believe that VB4.0 standard does not include the 16-bit development option. Your best bet as a beginning programmer is to run the Application Setup Wizard that comes with VB. This will make a standard Windows Setup program for your app and will make sure that all required files are included. Note that the Setup Wizard by default actually includes more files than you might need. As you learn more about VB you can remove certain references in the Setup Wizard to reduce the final "shipped" size of your app. To begin with though, go with the defaults.

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