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Oct 1, 1996



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Memory Management: Lost Resources

Each time I run a certain application from VB environment, resources go lower and lower. When I exit VB, all the memory is released. I do not have that problem when running my program alone. Do you know something about this ?

You're probably not freeing up variables/classes/forms when you are done with them. Try setting your objects equal to "Nothing" when you are done with them. That should help with the resource usage. Also, be aware that if you set your objects to "Nothing" and then use the little "Stop" button on the VBIDE toolbar (the button with the black square on it), it's quite possible that the code to set the objects to Nothing won't get invoked (this depends on where you put the code). Using the "stop" button does just that... it stops the code execution dead in its tracks, wherever it might be. Always make sure that you have a way to end your program cleanly, clearing all resources, as part of the program itself. Then use that rather than the "stop button" on the VBIDE.

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