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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Oct 1, 1996



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Simulating Buttons

I would like to make a row (in a frame) of command buttons that could light up when depressed. And also have some small round buttons (like option buttons) for a momentary press situation. My problem has been to keep these items from interacting with each other. I can see the focus change and that's OK but the option buttons reset the command buttons in the frame to their initialized state. I would appreciate some advice on these simple things for my simple mind.

You can always simulate buttons with pictures/images. These controls also have mousedown, mouseup events, which would be used to change the picture during a press of a button. Since the buttons don't support pictures very well, that's how I would do it. To make it faster, put the pictures you want to use on the form (in an image control) and make them invisible. You can set the picture in the button equal to the picture in the invisible one, so that showing the new picture is lightning fast. For VB4.0, using the Picclip control will do the same thing, just a bit more easily.

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