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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Oct 1, 1996



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Putting Buttons on PictureBox

My question is that I'm trying to put a command buttons in a picture box on MDI form (it's a text editor). But it always keeps on givin' me this error "Controls without the aligned property cannot be be placed directly on MDI form". Could you please help me with this one. I have been askin' this question from a lot of my friends and professors but haven't yet really got the answer.

It sounds like you're double-clicking to create the command button. This won't work. As long as you have focus on your picture control you can single click the command button in your toolbox and then draw it on the picture box by clicking and holding the left mouse button and then just dragging it out to the required size. VB4.0 adds a ToolBar and StatusBar control to your "arsenal" which makes the creation of these things a lot simpler (I'm assuming here that this is what you're doing with the command buttons and the picture box).

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