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Language: Active Server Pages (ASP)
Expertise: Beginner
Feb 11, 1997



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Disabling Controls on Screen

I'm really new at VBScript, but I have a newbie book that is helping me along. However, I have one question that doesn't seem to be addressed. Is it possible (using VBScript) to "grey out" check boxes so they cannot be selected, depending on parameters given in other areas of the form? For example, I'm writing a page that helps people create characters for a mud, but not all the attributes are available to certain races or classes of character. I need a way to make sure they don't select attributes they can't have because of other properties of the character they have chosen.

The Visual Basic method is to set the Enabled property to False. However, some of the controls may not correctly support this property. You might also try changing the color of the text beside the box. That will visually show that the box is disabled. You can try either to change the text color of the check box, or create a separate label next to the check box and change its color.

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