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Language: Algorithms
Expertise: Beginner
Mar 3, 1997



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Calculating time intervals

How does one calculate time differences. I know there's a function to calculate date differences.I am coding a database program which includes calculating the difference between a start time and a finish time.

Even though it is called the DateDiff function, it can be used to calculate up to second differences between two date/time values. All you have to do is change the first argument, which is the interval argument, to one of the following codes:

  • yyyy - Year
  • q - Quarter
  • m - Month
  • y - Day of year
  • d - Day
  • w - Weekday
  • ww - Week
  • h - Hour
  • n - Minute
  • s - Second
You then add the remaining arguments of the DateDiff function and it will return the difference in the unit specified by the interval argument. Do a search for DateDiff in your Visual Basic help file for more details on how to use this function.
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