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Mar 18, 1997



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How can I make Novell servers connect on an IP network?

How do I make my Novell servers talk to each other on an IP network?

Although IPX is the preferred communications protocol on a Novell network, sometimes it may be necessary for two or more Novell 3.x or 4.x servers to talk to each other on a TCP/IP local or wide area network. Often times my corporate wide area networks use TCP/IP as their main communications protocol and prefer to have all traffic restricted to IP only.

In order to communicate on a IP link, we use a IP tunnel to disguise IPX traffic. All the components needed to implement IP tunneling are provided with the NetWare operating system.

Let us assume that server A and server B need to talk to each other on an IP network. First, we need to load the tcpip.nlm on both the servers as follows:

On server A, type:

load tcpip.nlm
and repeat on server B.

Next, bind IP to the LAN driver on both servers. This would be accomplished by typing the following on server A:

:bind ip to landrv_A addr=xxx.xxx.aaa.xxx
where xxx.xxx.aaa.xxx is the IP address for server A and "landrv_A" is the name of the LAN driver.

On server B, type the following:

:bind ip to landrv_B addr=xxx.xxx.bbb.xxx
where xxx.xxx.bbb.xxx is the IP address for server B and "landrv_B" is the name of the LAN driver.

Please note that a 24-bit subnet mask is used in the above example ( You should use the mask that is prevalent in you WAN scenario.

We are now ready to load the IP tunneling NLM. On server A, we load the iptunnel.nlm and designate the server with which A needs to communicate. This is done as follows:

:load iptunnel peer=xxx.xxx.bbb.xxx
Note the peer parameter specifies that server A needs to talk to server B.

Repeat the above step on server B as follows:

:load iptunnel peer=xxx.xxx.aaa.xxx
Note that the peer parameter defines that server B needs to talk to server A.

Now, we need to bind IPX to the IP tunnel drivers on both servers as follows:
On server A, type:

:bind ipx to iptunnel net=NNN

On server B, type:

:bind ipx to iptunnel net=NNN

Please note, the IPX network number parameter ("net"), has to be set to the same value on both servers.

Your IP/IPX tunnel is now loaded and active. You can verify connectivity between the two servers by load the ping.nlm as follows:
On server A, type:

:load ping
When asked to specify the address to ping, type:
(server B's IP address). The same process can be repeated on server B to verify connectivity to A. When an IP tunnel is active between two Novell NetWare servers, users on one can utilize the resources on the other and vice-versa.
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