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Mar 18, 1997



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Netware Installs

How can I install a second Novell server on my network without having to go through CDs or floppy disks?


If you already have a Novell 4.x server installed on your network, and you need to install a new 4.x server, you can speed up installation by following this procedure.

First, jot down all the vital information from the existing server; i.e. NDS tree name, IPX internal network number, administrator's login name and password.

Insert the NetWare 4.x CD into the server's CD-ROM drive. At the file server's console, load the "cdrom.nlm" and type the following:

:cd device list
Note down the device number (n) then type:
:cd mount n
This will mount the CD as a NetWare volume.

Next, install the new server's hardware and format the disk drives if necessary. Then, set up DOS partition (50 MB) on the disk drive from where the system boots. Copy essential DOS files and make the partition bootable. Please verify that it operates normally.

Now you can create a temporary directory on the DOS partition and copy NetWare's client files. Configure the PC as a client and connect to the existing server. Log in to the Novell server (with rights to read the CD volume) and map a drive to the CD-ROM volume as follows:

map M:=ORION/nw410:
where "Orion" is the name of the server and NW410 is the CD-ROM volume.

Change to the newly mapped volume and type:

Install [enter]
Next, choose the language desired and type of installation. Then proceed with naming your server and copying boot files. Choose either 4.1 of 4.1 SFT server installation. Then proceed with providing the server's name and country information.

You will then be prompted to load the disk and LAN drivers for your new server. Once the drivers are loaded and protocols are bound, you can proceed with installing the license for your new server.

Now, choose "Establish Server-to-Server Session" and specify the Administrator or equivalent password in the appropriate fields. The copy process now begins.

After the file copy is completed, you can install directory services. You can either create a new tree or install into an existing tree. The latter option is recommended because it keeps your NDS structure intact. At this juncture, you will be required to enter the Admin login ID and password. Please ensure that you enter administrator's login ID as:

where "organization" is your organization's name and OU (optional) is the organizational unit.

All the remaining files are then copied to the new server and you may then complete the installation process and re-start the new server.

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