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Mar 18, 1997



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How to find out who is using open file on Novell 4.1 server

When I try to access a specific file on my Novell 4.1 server, I get a message that says that the file is in use. How can I find out who is using the file?


If a user on your Novell network complains that he/she cannot access a file (i.e., open it, delete it, or copy it), you will need to find out who is using the file.

Change to the Sys: volume and type: cd \system [enter]. Then type: rconsole [enter].

If you cannot connect to your server via remote console at this time, you may need to load the NLMs necessary to activate remote console features on you Novell server. In order to achieve this, you will need to type the following at your server's console:

:load rspx
:load remote
You will be prompted to enter a password that you are required to type in when you try to access the server remotely.

When a rconsole is active, choose your server from the list and press [enter]. You will now be prompted to type in the remote console password. On successful authentication, you should be presented with the Server Monitor screen. Otherwise, you will need to press alt+esc (on 3.x) or alt+f3 (on 4.1) to access the console ":" prompt. Type: "load monitor" and press [enter]

Once inside the Monitor program, choose "File Open/Lock Activity" and select the desired volume and directory where the file in question exists. Highlight the file and press [enter]. You will now be presented with a list of connection numbers that are currently accessing the file. Write these numbers down.

Press [esc] to return to the main menu and select "Connections." Then scroll down the list to view the user names associated with the connection numbers. These are the users who currently have the file open.

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