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Language: Active Server Pages (ASP)
Expertise: Beginner
Mar 18, 1997



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How do you Disable the 'View Source Code' in IE?

There has got to be a way to disable the 'view source' feature of IE. People can freely view passwords or product cost information if it's included in your source.

Internet Explorer has not exposed the methods/properties required for this type of control over the interface. The most you can do is hide the menu bar; however, the user can bring it back by selecting it from their options window.

In general, you should assume that any data sent to the user can be viewed. The user, if unable to view the source, might save your file locally and then view it. For confidential information like product costs, etc. you should plan to manipulate them on the server and then send them to the client. Depending on your server, you may be able to use Active Server pages to build templates and generate dynamic output from code running on the server, which the user would not be able to see.

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