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Language: SQL Server
Expertise: Beginner
Mar 18, 1997



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Direct File System gets full

I am repeatedly getting a 'Volume Full for Direct File System' message on my SQLBase Server while I'm loading data to my DBs. I couldn't find any documentation regarding DFS other than the DFS.NLM and DIRECTFS.NLM modules that Centura provides and requires to be present on the server's SQL.INI. How can I fix this? I'm using SQLBase 6.1 on Netware 4.1 and have 2 disks: 1Gb for data and 700Mb for logs. Both disk are almost empty.

In short, I would recommend not using DFS if you are using SCSI disk controllers. Because DFS is writing directly to the file system, there is no account for the caching which the disk controllers will do. If the database engine is brought down, even in a graceful manner, it may be left in an inconsistent state if the data in the cache has not been written to disk.

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