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Language: Relational Databases
Expertise: Beginner
Mar 19, 1997



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What is the best way to update a date field every time a record is posted?

When I add the code 'update.text := dateToStr(Date)' to OnUpdateChange of the DataSource, it works some of the time. For example, if the record is posted by moving to another record, the update works fine. If it is posted by clicking the post button (from dataNavigator component), the update does not work. Any suggestions?

Rather than rely on the TDataSource object, it would be better to place your date-stamping code in your table's BeforePost method. As a rule of thumb, I typically employ the TDataSource object as merely a conduit between a Data Control and a Data Access Objec, because the TDataSource object's native functionality is specific towards creating the link between those two objects. On the other hand, the TTable object's native functionality is to deal with data. So in your programming, consider the default functionality of an object before you try to code something that it may not be able to handle well.

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