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Mar 19, 1997



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Too many TDBEdit components on a Form

I am using Delphi 16 running under Win95. I have an application which requires use of more than 200 TDBEdit components. When designing the form I find that 178 appears to be the max allowed. Once this figure is reached no more TDBEdit or TEdit components may be added. The message is 'Error Creating Window'. I am still able to add other components. I assume it is a Windows resources problem. Is there a limit on these items or is it a system problem?

200 DBEdits on a form is an incredible amount! I think you should rethink the design of the form. Your best bet is to categorize the fields into groups that would naturally fall together on a single form, so that you have my 25-40 fields per form. What you'll do is create one form that has the TTable and TDataSource objects on them, then all the other forms will reference these objects.

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