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Mar 19, 1997



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Delphi will not start after adding component

*Delphi will not start anymore after adding component.* In Delphi 2.01 C/S after compiling a program and then changing the .DCL with Open Library or compiling a new component library with an error to a new component library Delphi will not start again once you exit the IDE. When you select the Delphi icon it will display the splash screen and then an error dialog with no message in it. The only option is to completely reinstall Delphi, it will not even run when restored from a back-up. It would seem that not being able to add components the VCL greatly inhibits Delphi.

This means that something went awry during VCL compilation. The only way to get it back is to go to the BIN directory, delete the CmpLib32.DCL file, then rename the CmpLib32.~dc file to CmpLib32.dcl. Other than that, you'll have to re-install off the CD.

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