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Language: Java Language
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Mar 19, 1997



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Resizing Spawned Browser Windows

If I have an applet on one HTML page, I can use AppletContext() to cause a new HTML page to be created. How do I control the size of the Netscape window that is created?

You cannot. Keep in mind that the size of the window that pops up is a parameter that is controlled by the particular browser in question, as well as the user's preferences. It may be different between Netscape, HotJava, or Internet Explorer, and the user may have a different default window size for each browser.

While Java's AppletContext class should be able to set hints on the size of the new window, it currently does not support this feature. The only parameter that could be passed to the ShowDocument() method is the target location of the new page:

public abstract void showDocument(URL url, String target) The target argument is interpreted as follows: "_self" show in the current frame "_parent" show in the parent frame "_top" show in the top-most frame "_blank" show in a new unnamed top-level window name show in a new top-level window named name
And even then, the browser is free to ignore the request.
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