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Language: SQL
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Mar 21, 1997



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How do you catch a double-click on a poplist?

I have made the poplist readonly to avoid activating it when clicking, but apparently the DoubleClick() method doesn't fire at all. How do I catch the double-click?

The DoubleClick() method does not apply to a pop-up list, since as soon as a single click is received, the list portion of the pop-up list closes. You might want to try using a list box, which does fire a DoubleClick() method as long as the list is not ReadOnly.

I'm not sure why you would want to not activate a pop-up list. The purpose of having a pop-up list is to crop down a list of valid values. If you want to check for a valid value without displaying the values, you should try a different method, such as the Validate() method.

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