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Language: SQL
Expertise: Beginner
Apr 1, 1997



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Executing SQL by attaching code to click() method

Power Objects to Oracle 7 server query...

I thought this would be straightforward. I have a simple query to perform when the button is clicked -- find and load info. on this id.
code attached to click() follows:

exec sql at session# select * from tablename where
id = some id #
It does nothing, and returns no error, yet the initial form load shows everything with the scroll. Can you suggest anything?

I'm not sure what you mean by "returns no error." The EXEC SQL command never returns an error -- you have to explicitly use the SqlErrCode to find out if it executed correctly.

It sounds like you are trying to use the EXEC SQL command to populate objects on a form. You can't do that with the EXEC SQL command.

Try binding the objects to the table and setting the DefaultCondition to apply your selection condition.

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