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Apr 15, 1997



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Dial-up Access from Windows

We have notebooks running Windows for Workgroups at location A that need to be able to dial up location B and run a DOS application on a PC. We also need computers at the same location to be able to talk to each other. Should we use Windows 95 dial-up networking or is Windows for Workgroups 3.11 RAS better suited for dial-up access?

It appears that at both sites you need your PCs and the notebooks to be able to communicate via a local LAN as well as be able to dial in to the machines on the other LAN.

Windows for Workgroups provides peer to peer and RAS services, so it could accomplish the task. Also, since you are considering running a DOS application, WFW is well suited.

Win 95 provides 32-bit solutions to both problems; the only variable is its DOS application stability. If stability is one of your concerns, I recommend the Windows for Workgroups approach.

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