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Apr 20, 1997



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Connecting forms through a button

I have number of forms, including a MainMenu form. On the MainMenu form I have several buttons that I want to click and connect to my other forms. I followed the method in PowerObject tutorial, but it still doesn't work.

My MainMenu form has a button called Customer. I have set the "click" property of this button to "frmCustomer.OpenWindow()." I have a customer form by the name of "frmCustomer". Still doesn't work. Please help.

Your code looks right, but there may be a problem with how you are running it.

Are you sure you are running the application by clicking on the Run Application push button in the Power Objects designer tool bar? The symptoms you describe are similar to what you encounter if you run your application by clicking on the Run Form push button.

The scope of the running form is the form itself, so if you refer to another form, nothing will happen.

If this isn't the problem, you might want to use the debugger or message boxes to check into the situation a little further.

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