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Language: 95/98
Expertise: Beginner
Apr 22, 1997



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Why Do I Need OS/2?

I have just started working with an application developed in VB that my co-workers say can only be run in the Windows environment through OS/2. Supposedly the program uses too much conventional memory to run in Windows alone. What can be done to make this application run under Windows alone (95 or 3.11)?

I'm not sure why they told you that, but Visual Basic is designed for writing applications for Windows 95 and NT 4.0 -- not OS/2. Might they be talking about Visual Age, which is a product produced by IBM? It has many similarities to Visual Basic but is designed for OS/2 and other IBM operating systems.

In addition, most Windows applications do not use conventional memory per se, like older DOS based applications did. Windows does a better job of managing all the memory in the computer and uses it as it sees fit to run applications in.

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