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Language: PowerBuilder
Expertise: Beginner
Apr 23, 1997



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How to separate data from an input using the FILEREAD statement

I would like to know how to separate data from an input using the FILEREAD statement.

The data retrieved from the FILEREAD is comma-separated, and I would like to extract this information into different variables.

For example:

Data extracted: Guy, Osborne, Quebec, Canada

From this I would like to extract:

  • Guy into a variable
  • Osborne into a variable
  • Quebec into a variable
  • Canada into a variable

You can use the PFC service pfc_n_cst_string function of_parsetoarray()to parse delimited strings into an array of strings, which would be better than named variables. Then, if you want to put the data into named variables, simply copy the array element you wish to use.

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