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Language: C++
Expertise: Beginner
May 6, 1997



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Processor fault

Why do I get with the following program, this error: general protection exeption, 0x215f:0x1ef3 timer(1) 0x215f:0x1ef3 Processor fault. Program (very small):
int get_value (int _value);

void main (void)

	int _time=0;
	int _timemod=1;
	while (_time < 1000)
		if (_time == 100)
			gotoxy (30,6);
			printf ("%d", _timemod);
		  _time = 0;

int get_value (int _value)
	gotoxy (30,5);
	printf ("El nuevo factor por favor : ");
	scanf ("%d", _value);
	return (_value);
I think the program fails in returning the value from get_value. Can you help me?

There are two problems with your get_value function.

  1. If the parameter has to be modified, you need to pass it as a reference.

  2. scanf requires the address of the variable it is to write in, not the value.

So, if you rewrite your get_value as follows, you should be OK.

int get_value (int &value)
	gotoxy (30,5);
	printf ("El nuevo factor por favor : ");
	scanf ("%d", &value);
	return (value);
Also, it is a very poor programming practice to put leading underscores in variable names. These names are generally reserved by the C compiler for its own use.
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