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May 8, 1997



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Cannot load form, unspecified error

I have a project that exists on a NT 3.51 machine. When I copy all source code, etc. to my Win95 PC, Delphi does not load the main form. The associated unit and all other stuff loads. I believe the error is related to a missing or incorrect module header, whatever that means. The VCL, although slightly different, contains all the components that are on the NT PC. What causes this? Also, what is the .DSM file that is sometimes generated?

What you want to do in this case is move only the DPR, PAS and DFM files to the other machine. Then recompile immediately. Don't bother with the other files. They're extra files used by the compiler internally, and are not a concern to you as a developer.

With respect to the DSM file, that is the symbol file. It's only saved if you have the Desktop and Symbols option checked in the Tools|Options dialog under the Preferences tab. This is operating system specific, which is probably why you get the behavior you do.

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