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Language: Relational Databases
Expertise: Beginner
May 9, 1997



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Multiple user access

I have written a database program that gives me information about PCs on our network. When more than one user tries to access my data, they get a message that the table is busy.

How can I get a Paradox database to let more than one user view data?

You have to set up the BDE configuration on each user's machine to point to the same network control file, which resides in a shared directory on your network. Follow these steps:

For each user's machine:

  1. Open the BDE configuration manager.
  2. In the drivers list, click on Paradox.
  3. Click on the Net Dir field.
  4. Either type in the name of the shared directory (e.g. F:\PDOXNET) or click on the ellipsis button to select the directory from a dialog box.
  5. Select File|Save from the main menu, then close the program

That's it!

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