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Language: Pascal
Expertise: Beginner
May 13, 1997



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Sizing of images in Imagelist used used byTreeView

The promotional literature for Delphi 2 said that the 95 Explorer could be built from the Delphi VCL. However, the size of the icons used in the TreeView needs to be 16x16 to be about the same size as they are in 95 Explorer. Is this resolution the same as the icons in Explorer? The latter look finer to me, as per the icons you use on this site. How can I achieve the same icon image definition at the standard Explorer size? Are there any sources (free or otherwise) for the icons that you use on this site (folder, document etc.) to put in a Image List for use with a TreeView? Borland's are OK, but I prefer the MS look.

You can achieve finer definition of icons or small graphics by using higher color depth. In the Image Editor, make sure you use the 256-color Super VGA option for the number of colors of your bitmaps. That way, you'll get smoother pictures.

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