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May 13, 1997



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How to kill/dispose of applet thread when you leave page

I have an applet placed on successive pages that displays different information on each page (a text-scrolling applet). This applet is running on a thread. Is there a way to kill or dispose of this thread when you leave the page on which it was created? I have noticed that from time to time that when I quit using the browser, I can still see the applet scrolling across until Netscape completely disposes of all its memory.

The convention is to create threads in init(), start them in start(), and stop them in stop():

public class MyApplet extends Applet {

   private MyThread scroller;

   public void init() {
      scroller = new MyThread(...);
      // etc.

    public void start() {
      // etc.

   public void stop() {
      // etc.

   // etc.
Each time the user leaves the page, stop() is automatically called, and each time the user moves back onto the page, start() is automatically called.
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