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Language: Relational Databases
Expertise: Beginner
May 28, 1997



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Paradox: secondary indexes problem

I have just discovered a problem with secondary indexes in Paradox that I desperately need to have solved by yesterday!

I have a number of database tables with a primary index : ID (integer), Name (Alpha), and ID2 (integer). I added a secondary index: "Name (Alpha)". The name, however, is not unique; e.g., all the records in the table can have the same name. The secondary index is maintained. I created the secondary index using "Sql.Add('CREATE INDEX '..." and "Sql.SaveToFile('createidx.sql');"

I noticed when I added the secondary index that two files were added: *.xy0 and *.yg0.

The problem is this: One of the users keeps getting the message: "Corrupt file other than header" and points to one of the secondary index files.

Is there a way to prevent and/or recover from this?

Hmm... if you have a copy of Paradox, consider doing a rebuild of the table; you might have a corrupt file. Also, check your disk to make sure that there are no errors on it.

With respect to creating an index, have you tried the TTable.AddIndex method? It's pretty straightforward and is the method I most commonly use to create an index on the fly.

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