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May 29, 1997



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Power Objects 2.02 -- Can't edit a view

I am using Power Objects 2.02. In the sample mldata session I cannot change any views that already exist; I come up in a view mode only. This is also true of an ODBC connection to an Oracle 7 UNIX database (I haven't upgraded to have direct Oracle 7 server support yet).

Also, I'm not able to rename objects in my session. Clicking on an object and getting its property sheet allows me access to the name of the object. At that point I can change the name, but then I can't save it unless I change the name back.

One more thing: What is the best way to make a copy of a table (other than using SQL*Plus to do a "create table as ..." ) from within Power Objects?


  1. You can't change a view or rename a table through the ODBC connection with OPO. You can change a table name with a direct connection to Oracle.
  2. If you mean copying the structure of a table, you can open the table window that displays the columns and their attributes for the table you want to copy. Select all of the columns and copy them with the Copy command from the Edit menu. Create a new table and paste the column definitions into the new table.
  3. If you want to copy a table and its data to a different database, you can simply drag and drop the table from one database to another.

If you want to duplicate a table and its data under a different name, using SQL*Plus is probably the most efficient way.

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