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Language: PowerBuilder
Expertise: Beginner
May 29, 1997



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Connecting to Oracle

I have been trying to connect to our Oracle General Ledger Version 10.SC from PB5 Ent. I am accessing it from my PC running Win95 and a database that sits on a UNIX platform. I have loaded SQLnet2 and SQL*Plus, which was able to connect and from which I could view my tables. When I tried to connect via PB5 I got an Oracle error message, ORA-01031. The DBA said this is a PB problem but I am not convinced, because the message mentions insufficient privileges.

The DBA has told me that he set up a Role Group and granted full privileges to the group of which I am a member. My question is: Which privileges do I need as a user to access Oracle from PB, and do I require these to be granted to myself individually or is it sufficient to grant them to the Role Group?

When you connect to a database from the PowerBuilder development environment, PB checks for a set of tables called the repository, used to store extended attribute information about the tables and columns in the database.

If these tables do not exist, PowerBuilder tries to add the tables to the system area. Only the DBA for the database has rights to this area, which is why you are getting the error message about insufficent rights.

The normal solution is for the DBA to set the DBA password and tell you what it is. You connect using PowerBuilder and let it do its work. The DBA then resets the password back to the regular password.

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