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Language: PowerBuilder
Expertise: Beginner
May 29, 1997



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Going from one application to another

I am trying to figure out how to pass through the Message Object or NVO address, either by reference or value, to another application entirely different from the original pbl that was first instantiated. I want to do this so my user can bring up a second application using one or many parameters and open another application. I cannot use OLE or DDE because of:

  1. not coming from a Microsoft object, and
  2. the overhead of a DDE.

Please advise. We are now using PB 4.0 but are migrating to 5.0.

You can start the other PowerBuilder application using the run command and add parameters to the command line.

In your second application you can use the CommandParm() command to read the arguments passed to you. You can then parse them and call the correct part of your application.

Another alternative is to write the information to a database table with a session style setup in which the key is a long. Then you can pass the session key to the other application either via command parm or by using the Send() command, passing the long to a custom event in the second application. This is essentially how Web applications work.

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