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Language: PowerBuilder
Expertise: Beginner
May 29, 1997



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When project completed, no datawindows or functions were regenerated. Why?

I recently created a project in PowerBuilder 4.06 to regenerate my application, PBDs and .exe. When the project was completed, none of my datawindows or functions were regenerated. Why? Should they have regenerated? What can I do to get them to regenerate?

That is correct; the project painter does not regenerate those two types of objects. This is because they do not allow inheritance, which is the main reason for the regenerate feature.

I have never had problems with datawindows requiring regeneration, but on one or two occasions I have had problems with global functions. I regenerated them manually by opening each function, pressing space, then deleting the space and saving.

In PB5 you can group your global function together into autoinstantiate nonvisual objects, which then will be regenerated as part of the application build.

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