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Jun 3, 1997



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NetWare Directory Maps

What are directory maps and how can I use them?

Directory maps are an exciting new feature with IntranetWare 4.11 that allow users to map server directories effortlessly, without having to remember long, confusing path names.

Implementing directory maps on your 4.11 environment is a simple process.

  1. Start up the NWADMIN program from Windows 3.x or Win95.
  2. Select the context under which you want the directory maps to reside. You can choose the Organization or the Organizational Unit. For instance, let us suppose the context .ou=NewYork.O=USA
  3. Choose create object and select "Directory Map".
  4. Type in a meaningful map name such as "BBS Outgoing Directory" or "BBS Outbox". Then specify the volume name and path. You can also type in a description, which will be available to users. You are done!

Clients will now have access to the maps. They simply specify the map name rather than having to remember the entire pathname. These maps are also visible under NWUser with Win 3.1x.

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