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Jun 3, 1997



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How to enable visitors to exit a FRAMESET

I want visitors to my site to be able to get out of a FRAMESET when clicking on links and images. I can't figure out how to do this. Can you help?

You can do it by using right after the BODY tag in your HTML document.

Where parameter is:

"framename"will load the document in a specified frame
"_blank"will load the document in a new window
"_parent"will load the document into the 'parent' of the original window (usally used for nested frames or multiple windows
"_self"will load the document in the same frame (this is the default behavior if the TARGET is not specified).
"_top"will load the document into the same window (out of the frames).

In your particular case, you will want to use:

<BASE TARGET=&quot;_top&quot;>
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