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Language: PowerBuilder
Expertise: Beginner
Jun 9, 1997



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Documenting the contents of a .PBL file

Is there a third-party tool (or a functionality native to PB) with which I can print the *entire* contents of a .PBL file, preferably in a way that's meaningful? I have in mind something akin to the Database Documenter in Microsoft Access. Being a C++ type, I want a set of printouts that accurately, completely and meaningfully represents my classes and objects, much as a print of C++ code would.

In the library painter you can highlight an object or group of objects, and either right-mouse-click and select print or, from the Entry menu, select print. This will produce a report of the object(s) you have selected.

If these standard reports are not good enough, there are third party products such as Cordoc, Powerdoc and Object Smith that can produce nicely formatted reports of the PowerBuilder objects. Another product, PB2HTML, is coming out soon, and will generate a Web site based on a PowerBuilder application.

Another good way to view the source code is to use a browser that shows the source code, such as PBBrowse or PBBrowser.

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