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Language: PowerBuilder
Expertise: Beginner
Jun 9, 1997



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How can I create a datawindow from two databases?

I must create a datawindow that has to get data from two databases. I connected to database "A" first and chose some fields from a table. Then I connected to database "B" and chose some fields from a table. It looked OK. However, when I previewed the datawindow, I got the error "Table A not found."

It is not possible to create one datawindow that has data joined from two databases.

There are, however, solutions to your problem. You can create linked views on database A of the tables you require from database B, then perform all the work on database A.

If you do not have the database software to perform this linked view, or you have two incompatible DBMSes, you have two options. You can create a composite datawindow and retrieve the child datawindows separately from the two transactions, each connected to a different database. Or you can have two datawindows retrieve the data from the two databases; then, using PowerScript, manually import the data into the final presentation datawindow.

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