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Language: SQL
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Jul 23, 1997



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Declaring type variables or composite data types

I need to be able to print results of a query to an Excel spreadsheet rather than to a report. I am using the Crystal Reports product included with Oracle Power Objects. However, it clearly states that the Crystal Reports OCX does not work with Windows 3.1, so I am using the Crystal Reports DLLs.

One of the functions I need to use requires the use of a composite data type. In Visual Basic this would look like:

Public Type variable-name
   SubVariable_Name1 as DataType
   SubVariable_Name2 as DataType
End Type
Unfortunately this declaration does not work for OPO. And I can find no similar method anywhere.

How can I declare a composite user-defined data type in Oracle Power Objects for use in these DLL functions?

I'm pretty sure you can't declare a composite data type in Power Objects. However, if I wanted to save the data from a query to a spreadsheet, I'd use the ODBC driver for Excel, open a spreadsheet as a data source and just do simple INSERTs to the spreadsheet.

This should work, although I have not tried it.

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