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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Jul 24, 1997



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Printing Access reports from VB

I understand that it is possible to print reports stored in a backend Access .mdb file from Visual Basic. Is it possible, and if so, how is it done?

VideoSoft is actually coming out with a control that is able to do this. Here's a description of the product from them...I'll be doing a review on the product fairly soon. There is also a way to trigger Access to print the report, but that only works when you have a full copy of Access on the machine. VSREPORTS will work without having a copy of Access installed. --- VideoSoft VSREPORTS is the reporting tool that allows you to print Microsoft Access created reports without having Access installed on the user's machine. This ActiveX control permits you to use the industry leading report designer, Access, to create your reports and then print them using Visual Basic or any ActiveX container. VideoSoft VSReports gives you the ability to print reports created in Microsoft Access without having to distribute any Access runtime DLLs. Now you can print them in Visual Basic using VSReports! Place a VSReports ActiveX control on your form, set a few properties, and presto! Your Access report is ready to be printed. VideoSoft VSReports re-creates Access reports reproducing the exact positioning of fields and page breaks, fonts, colors, sorting, and filtering into groups and sections, just as in the original report. VideoSoft VSReports automatically supports all Access Report Writer features including Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) expressions, aggregated fields, and watermarks. Multi-Column and parameterized reports are supported as well. VideoSoft VSReports dynamically reads the data at runtime from Access or any ODBC database such as Oracle, Sybase, or VSData.

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