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Language: PowerBuilder
Expertise: Beginner
Jul 24, 1997



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Deploying a PowerBuilder Window plug-in

How can we distribute the PB deployment kit (Upgrade version) to our remote end-users? Also, do we have to distribute any drivers for Oracle, or can they reside on the server?

There are two different questions here:

1. The deployment of the PowerBuilder runtime still has to be done the same way it's currently done. I use SMS to distribute the files to each desktop. If you are dealing with clients outside of your control, you can give them a hyperlink to setup routine, which will download and install the files on their machines in much the same way as other browser plug-ins work.

2. The deployment of your database drivers depends on how your application is designed. At work, we are building all of our new applications using distributed PowerBuilder, which enables us to reduce the requirement of the database drivers from the desktop. If you are using direct connections from the client to the database, you will need to have the database drivers at the desktop as well as the information describing your databases.

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