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Language: PowerBuilder
Expertise: Beginner
Jul 24, 1997



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Sybase login creation from PB

How can I create a Sybase login from a PowerBuilder front-end application using sp_addlogin?

The normal way of executing stored procedures — for example, declare procname for procedure — did not work. Is there any constraint in Sybase or PowerBuilder while executing system stored procedures?

Also, is there another way to create login and users from PB front end in Sybase?

I am using PB 5.0 and Sybase 11.0.

The PowerBuilder compiler will recognize only the basic SQL syntax for each database management system: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE. It will also allow the declaration of store procedures for those DBMSes that support them.

For the extended commands that are different on each DBMS, PowerBuilder provides for dynamic SQL through the use of the EXECUTE IMMEDIATE function. There are many formats to the EXECUTE IMMEDIATE command; look in your DBMS manual for a full description or search for dynamic SQL in the PowerBuilder on-line help.

Basically, the EXECUTE IMMEDIATE commands allow you to pass any string to the database for execution. If you need to return a result set, you can use SQLSA and SQLDA to describe and read your result set.

Fortunately, the type of command you want to execute does not require a dynamic result set definition. You can use the Format 1 of the EXECUTE IMMEDIATE command, which, for the command you would like to execute, would look something like the following (where the aX_X are arguments to a function):

String ls_SQL

ls_SQL = 'sp_adduser ' + as_userid + ' ' + as_password + ' ' + as_group

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