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Language: Java Language
Expertise: Beginner
Jan 30, 1998



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Compressed file types

I recently downloaded some applet source code, but they are all stored in ".tar" type files. What program do I need to expand them or otherwise make them useful?

This isn't really a Java question, but I'll answer it because people on Windows systems may have a hard time getting at Java classes stored in tar files. The most often used archiving format used on Unix systems is the TAR format, which stands for Tape ARchive. These files are extracted using the tar command, usually like this: "tar xf " Most of the time, tar files are also compressed, ending in .tar.Z, .tar.gz, or .tgz suffixes. File ending in .tar.Z have been compressed with the Unix compress command, while those ending .tar.gz or .tgz have been compressed with the GNU gzip utility. To untar this files, you must first uncompress them, and then use the tar command, although the GNU tar command will uncompress and untar files for you provided you have the GNU zip utilities installed. You can obtain Win32 versions of these commands from various locations including the following URL which is also the home of the Windows NT port of Emacs:

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