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Language: PowerBuilder
Expertise: Beginner
Apr 16, 1998



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Draw order of dynamic datawindow objects

How can I control the draw order (i.e., BringToFront, SendToBack) of datawindow objects dynamically created in the deatil band?

At design time you can layer objects by using the SendToBack and BringToFront menu options. If you export a datawindow, change a few items' layering, and then reexport the datawindow, you will notice that PB has changed the sequence in which it creates your objects.

Based on this knowledge, we can understand that the layering sequence is based on the order in which the objects are created.

Therefore, in a dynamic datawindow, the way to layer objects is to create them in the sequence you want them layered. If you want to change the layering of objects after they have been created, you will need to destroy them and recreate them.

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