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Language: NT
Expertise: Beginner
Apr 20, 1998



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Scheduling A Visual Basic app on NT

I have a VB app that was running on Windows 95 and using the scheduler included with Microsoft Plus. All was well. Now our company is switching to an NT 4.0 desktop environment, and Plus is no longer available. I need a way to have my app scheduled to execute at a variety of times during the day, as well as daily, weekly, etc.

Well, you can use the AT command line to schedule tasks, but it is notoriously easy to make a mistake. The best cheap way is to get the NT 4.0 Resource Kit, and use the WinAT.EXE wrapper for the AT.EXE program. Note that if you have more sophisticated needs, there are third-party products available, but using the built-in scheduling is sufficient for many simple requirements.

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